Bronstein Sacrificed Both Rooks And As A Brilliancy Prize Received Two Bottles Of French Champagne

In this famous chess game Soviet GM David Bronstein crushes Serbian GM Ljubomir Ljubojevic by choosing the Four Pawns Attack against Alekhine defense. Just from the opening Bronstein manages to organize a dangerous attack and by sacrificing both rooks destroys Black’s king-side! For this game Bronstein received a “brilliancy prize” from American chess maecenas Isidor Turover two magnum bottles of the finest French champagne. In the end of the video as usual you can solve the daily puzzle which is also taken from David Bronstein’s game!
David Bronstein vs Ljubomir Ljubojevic
Petropolis Interzonal (1973), Petropolis BRA, rd 11, Aug-07
Alekhine Defense: Four Pawns Attack (B03)
1. e4 Nf6 2. e5 Nd5 3. d4 d6 4. c4 Nb6 5. f4 dxe5 6. fxe5 c5
7. d5 e6 8. Nc3 exd5 9. cxd5 c4 10. Nf3 Bg4 11. Qd4 Bxf3
12. gxf3 Bb4 13. Bxc4 O-O 14. Rg1 g6 15. Bg5 Qc7 16. Bb3 Bc5
17. Qf4 Bxg1 18. d6 Qc8 19. Ke2 Bc5 20. Ne4 N8d7 21. Rc1 Qc6
22. Rxc5 Nxc5 23. Nf6+ Kh8 24. Qh4 Qb5+ 25. Ke3 h5 26. Nxh5
Qxb3+ 27. axb3 Nd5+ 28. Kd4 Ne6+ 29. Kxd5 Nxg5 30. Nf6+ Kg7
31. Qxg5 Rfd8 32. e6 fxe6+ 33. Kxe6 Rf8 34. d7 a5 35. Ng4 Ra6+
36. Ke5 Rf5+ 37. Qxf5 gxf5 38. d8=Q fxg4 39. Qd7+ Kh6 40. Qxb7
Rg6 41. f4


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