Bobby Fischer’s surprising move against Tigran Petrosian | 1971 Candidates Final

This is a Round 7 game from the 1971 Candidates Final between Bobby Fischer and Tigran Petrosian. Fischer played white in the featured game, and elected the Bd3 line against Petrosian’s Sicilian Kan variation. Move 22 of this game came as a surprise to many of the Grandmasters in the press room during the game, with one in particular, Miguel Najdorf, quickly pegging Fischer’s move a mistake. A mistake however it was not, and after only a dozen moves later Petrosian admitted defeat. Aside from Fischer’s surprising move, this game demonstrates very well how to play against weakened pawns in a fairly simplified position.

1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 e6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 a6 5. Bd3 Nc6 6. Nxc6
bxc6 7. O-O d5 8. c4 Nf6 9. cxd5 cxd5 10. exd5 exd5 11. Nc3
Be7 12. Qa4+ Qd7 13. Re1 Qxa4 14. Nxa4 Be6 15. Be3 O-O 16. Bc5
Rfe8 17. Bxe7 Rxe7 18. b4 Kf8 19. Nc5 Bc8 20. f3 Rea7 21. Re5
Bd7 22. Nxd7+ Rxd7 23. Rc1 Rd6 24. Rc7 Nd7 25. Re2 g6 26. Kf2
h5 27. f4 h4 28. Kf3 f5 29. Ke3 d4+ 30. Kd2 Nb6 31. Ree7 Nd5
32. Rf7+ Ke8 33. Rb7 Nxf4 34. Bc4

Internet Chess Club (ICC)
Software: Blitzin

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