Blunders, with GM Ben Finegold

GM Ben Finegold discusses blunders in a variety of games. This lecture was recorded July 8, 2018 at CCSCATL in Roswell, Georgia.

Games Discussed:

Praggnanandhaa, R vs. So, Wesley
31st Leon Masters (2018)

Vallejo Pons, Francisco vs. Santos Latasa, Jaime
31st Leon Masters (2018)

Mr_Earl_Gray vs. CCSCATL (2018)

CCSCATL vs. ya_boy_Agent (2018)

TheSuperSaiyan vs. CCSCATL (2018)

CCSCATL vs. JohnnyBoyUSA (2018)

Benedikt Jonasson vs. Haukur Angantysson
Reykjavik (1984)

Ignatz von Popele vs. Georg Marco
Mante Carlo (1902)

Carlos Torre Repetto vs. Frank E Parker
New York (1924)

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Intro and concluding music: “Da Jazz Blues,” by Doug Maxwell; Thank you Doug!

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