An Inaccurate Queen Sacrifice Led To A Spectacular Checkmate

Vasily Malinin vs Viktor Savinov
Leningrad (1988), Leningrad URS
Benko Gambit: Accepted. Fully Accepted Variation (A58)
1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 c5 3.d5 b5 4.cxb5 a6 5.bxa6 Bxa6 6.Nc3 d6 7.Nf3
g6 8.g3 Bg7 9.h4 O-O 10.h5 Nbd7 11.hxg6 hxg6 12.Bh3 Re8 13.Qc2
Rb8 14.Be3 Nxd5 15.Qxg6 fxg6 16.Be6+ Kf8 17.Nxd5 Rxb2 18.Ng5
Nf6 19.Nf4 Qa5+ 20.Kf1 Bxe2+ 21.Kg1 Reb8 22.Bf7 Rb1+ 23.Kh2
Ng4+ 24.Kh3 Rxh1+ 25.Rxh1 Nxf2+ 26.Bxf2 Bg4+ 27.Kxg4 Rb4
28.Kf3 Qa3+ 29.Be3 Qa8+ 30.Bd5 Qa5 31.Nfe6+ Kg8 32.Nc7+ e6
33.Bxe6+ Kf8 34.Nh7+ Ke7 35.Bg5+ Bf6 36.Bxf6#
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