Fried Liver Attack | Italian Game Theory

The Fried Liver is a super-aggressive piece sacrifice almost impossible to defend. Black greedily takes the d5 pawn with his knight, weakening the f7 square and white strikes with Nxf7!

To learn how to avoid the Fried Liver, and play the best continuation for black, watch this video on the Knight Attack:

For an introduction to the Italian Game, watch this video:

White’s piece sacrifice is more than justified. Black’s capture on d5 is a mistake, and it opens up the possibility for white to gain a huge advantage right out of the opening. Two moves are good. Either the Fried Liver (Nxf7), or the Lolli Attack (d4).

Once white goes for the Fried Liver black is forced to take the knight. If he doesn’t he simply loses the exchange and a pawn. After that, once the white queen comes to f3, the black king goes for a walk all over the board and is never safe again.

It’s too dangerous for black and not too many people can survive the Fried Liver.

I would advise you to avoid it if possible if you are an e5 player. And you fellow e4 players, learn how to punish it swiftly and mercilessly. The Fried Liver should be an easy win; 5…Nxd5, resigns:D

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