A Roller Coaster Panov-Botvinnik | Training, Game 5

A training game played on lichess against SimonWilliamsfan. We played a very interesting Panov Caro-Kann!

I will try to play a training game at least once per week if my schedule allows it. Just add me on lichess (hpy) and let’s try and arrange one!

SimonWilliamsfan and I played a sort-of-theoretical Panov in which I managed to forget what to do on move 5… It ended up ok and I found the correct moves after spending way too much time.

In the middlegame I found a tactical pawn capture which I thought was winning or very good at least, but it turned out the engine liked white after it.

So I won a pawn and tried to push e5 through. I managed but the position that we got on the board was so complicated that we both got into a terrible zeitnot.

We had two rooks, a queen and opposite colored bishops which made controlling one color complex quite tricky. He was constantly threatening queen infiltrations on my kingside which could have resulted in a checkmate and we also both had a dangerous passed pawn. If it were a tournament game I would have spent an hour on that middlegame-endgame transition.

A tough game which I ended up winning, but I made several horrible blunders along the way and my opponent might have used them and won himself. A very valuable lesson in the Panov-Botvinnik!


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