Unbelievable! Magnus Carlsen Faces A Queen Sacrifice On Move 4

Magnus Carlsen faced a queen sacrifice as early as one move 4 during the recent Lichess Titled Arena, something which definitely he had never experienced in his whole life.
On the 15th of December Lichess.org hosted the 9th Lichess Titled Arena! With this event the popular chess website also celebrated the 1 year anniversary of these Titled Arenas! 252 titled players from all over the world tried their luck in a bullet battle but in presence of the reigning world chess champion Magnus Carlsen all they could do was to fight for the second place! Magnus Carlsen who this time was playing under a nickname DrNykterstein came up with some crazy opening ideas. Though he managed to beat a lot of strong opponents with his irregular opening choices but in this game he faced a harsh resistance and got checkmated! The queen sacrifice on move 4 was epic!
lodewijkfrederik (2680) vs GM DrNykterstein (2798)
B12 Lichess Titled Arena 9
1. e4 c6 2. d4 f6 3. Qh5+ g6 4. Be2 Qb6 5. Qh4 Qxd4 6. Nc3 d6 7.Nf3 Qb6 8. Bc4 Nd7 9. Bxg8 Rxg8 10. Qxh7 Rg7 11. Qh8 Ne5 12. Nxe5 fxe5 13. Bh6 Rf7 14. O-O Qxb2 15. Ne2 Qxc2 16. Ng3 Be6 17. Rab1 O-O-O 18. Be3 Qa4 19. Qh4 Bc4 20. Rfc1 e6 21. Qg4 Kb8 22. Qxg6 Rfd7 23. h4 d5 24. Qf6 Bd6 25. Bg5 Bxa2 26. Ra1 d4 27.h5 d3 28. h6 Qb3 29. h7 a5 30. Qxd8+ Rxd8 31. Bxd8 d2 32. h8=Q dxc1=Q+ 33. Rxc1 Ka7 34. Bxa5 Qb2 35. Rf1 Bc5 36. Qd8 Bd4 37. Bc7 Bc4 38. Qb8+ Ka6 39. Qa8+ Kb5
40. Qa5#
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Video Thumbnail Credits: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Magnus_Carlsen_Tata_Steel_2013.jpg


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