The Veresov Attack: Chess Openings for White 🎓 IM Valeri Lilov (Part 2)

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it’s a common occurrence among chess players of all levels to avoid heavy theoretical lines. In many openings, theory develops at a rapid pace.

Most average players can’t devote many hours a day to study the latest trends in chess openings and can’t keep up with all the new lines and variations. Therefore, they tend to look for openings which are less forced, less explored and require a lot less up-to-date theoretical knowledge.

The Veresov Attack is one of those chess openings for White. The basics and key concepts of this opening are easy to learn and most of the time, Black players are also out of book early in the game. This is what many busy chess players like.

One of the main advantages of playing the Veresov Attack – especially at club level – is that White usually brings Black out of his comfort zone as early as move 2.

Most club players have never studied the relatively rare Veresov Attack and don’t know how to play against it.

If studied well, the Veresov Attack can serve as a killer chess opening for White. Nowadays, with the availability of huge databases and chess engines which calculate way better than any human can, it’s a huge advantage when you’ve done a lot of home-preparation and your opponent has to figure out all the moves on his own at the chessboard. Hence, the Veresov Attack can be a deadly weapon in the right hands.

In part 1, IM Valeri Lilov took a close look at variations where Black plays an early …c6 and …Qb6, attacking White’s pawn on b2. Now, in part 2, he investigates several other setups for Black and shows that even Super-GMs like Michael Adams have difficulties to face the Veresov Attack.

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