The Fried Liver Attack, with GM Ben Finegold

In this video GM Ben Finegold goes through a variety of games in history involving the Fried Liver Attack. This lecture was recorded December 3, 2017 in a lesson given to the U1400 Class at CCSCATL.

Games Discussed:
Shirov, Alexei vs. Sulskis, Sarunas, Latvia (2014)
Zhigalko, Sergei vs. Agdestein, Simen, World Blitz (2016)
Greco, Gioacchino vs. NN , Europe (1620)
Speelman, Jonathan vs. Fletcher, John (1969)
Cochrane, John vs. Mahescandra , Kolkata (1856)

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Intro and concluding music: “Da Jazz Blues,” by Doug Maxwell; Thank you Doug!

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