Leela Chess Zero ID 455 destroys Houdini 1.5a’s “Dzindzi-Indian” (5…Nf6)

This game by Leela Chess Zero ID 455 against Houdini 1.5a is a real kill. Houdini sets up a “Dzindzi-Indian” without playing f5. White’s positioning of the king knight is particularly instructive in how it helps facilitate a central/kingside pawn storm. The game is objectively over by move 17, its midpoint. The neural network ai Leela Chess Zero continues to fascinate me, especially when it’s able to win effortlessly against Houdini 1.5a, an engine with a CCRL rating of 3185.

1. c4 g6 2. Nc3 Bg7 3. d4 c5 4. d5 Bxc3+ 5. bxc3 Nf6 6. f3 O-O 7. Nh3 d6 8. Nf2 Qa5 9. Bd2 Nbd7 10. e4 Ne5 11. Be2 b6 12. f4 Ned7 13. O-O Ba6 14. g4 h6 15. h4 Ne8 16. Qc2 Rd8 17. Rae1 Ng7 18. h5 gxh5 19. gxh5 Nf6 20. e5 Nfxh5 21. Ng4 f5 22. Nxh6+ Kh7 23. Kf2 Kxh6 24. Rh1 Kh7 25. Reg1 Kg8 26. Rxh5 Rf7 27. e6 Rf6 28. Rhg5 Kh8 29. Rxg7 Bb5 30. Qd3 Rh6 31. Qg3 Qxc3 32. Bxc3 Rg6 33. Qxg6 a5 34. Qh7


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