The Primus! | Botvinnik vs Capablanca | Moscow 1936.

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Mikhail Botvinnik vs Jose Raul Capablanca
Moscow (1936), Moscow URS, rd 7, May-22
English Opening: Agincourt Defense. Catalan Defense (A14)

1. Nf3 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. g3 b6 4. Bg2 Bb7 5. O-O c5 6. b3 Nc6 7. Bb2 Be7 8. Nc3 O-O 9. d4 Nd4 10. Nd4 Bg2 11. Kg2 cd4 12. Qd4 Qc7 13. e4 Rad8 14. Rad1 Qb7 15. f3 Ne8 16. Rd2 f5 17. Rfd1 Bg5 18. Rd3 Bf6 19. e5 Be7 20. Qf2 Rf7 21. Qd2 Bb4 22. a3 Bf8 23. Ne2 Nc7 24. Nf4 g6 25. h4 b5 26. cb5 Qb5 27. Rc1 Qb7 28. Rc7 Qc7 29. Ne6 de6 30. Rd8 f4 31. g4 Qe7 32. Kh3 Qb7 33. Qd3 Kg7 34. b4 a5 35. b5 a4 36. g5 Bc5 37. Rd6 Bd6 38. ed6 Kf8 39. Bf6 Ke8 40. Be7 Rf5 41. Qc3 Kd7 42. b6 Qc6 43. Qg7 Qf3 44. Kh2 Qg3 45. Kh1 Qh4 46. Kg1 Qe1 47. Kh2 Kc6 48. Qb2 Rd5 49. Qc2 Kb5

Following the successes in international tournaments of Moscow (1925) and Moscow (1935), Nikolai Vasilyevich Krylenko again sought to stun the chess world and the Soviet Union with a third international event between Soviet masters and their foreign counterparts. This time, however, he conceived of a more rigorous format, with the ten players (five Soviets and five foreigners) in a double round robin competition. The lineup was impressive, with Capablanca and Lasker being invited back a third time to compete in Moscow, in addition to the previous year’s winners, Botvinnik and Flohr. The tournament was held in Moscow’s famous Hall of Columns from May 14 to June 8. Capablanca’s near flawless accuracy and superiority in the endgame proved to be instrumental in winning first prize by a full point over the future world champion Botvinnik. Lasker, who had always finished ahead of his successor to the crown in prior tournaments, started out strongly, but at 67 years of age he became fatigued more easily and his performance suffered during the second cycle. The tournament brought immense excitement and interest, both to the citizens of the Soviet Union and to the greater world at large. Capablanca’s first place was to be one of the last successes against the Soviet Chess School before the triumph of Robert James Fischer 36 years later. It was also the last hurrah for Krylenko, the founder and organizer of the tournament. He was arrested in January 1938, tried and executed later that year.
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