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It is not always easy to decide your next chess move in a game. Frequently, chess players blunder because of making the wrong decisions!

One key difference between grandmasters and average club players is that Grandmasters are trained to make decisions and have a lot more practical skills.

Many club players waste a lot of energy calculating chess moves that grandmasters simply ignore, because they know these moves are bad. As a result, many players spend valuable time on bad chess moves and lack time for the important decisions later in the game.

In this video aimed at beginners, GM Damian Lemos explains the key factors behind how to decide what move you should play next, in any position.

Finding the right candidate chess moves is one of the most difficult aspects of becoming a better chess player. Of course, finding the right candidate moves depends on the nature of the position. You can come up with candidate moves by relying on intuition, pattern recognition, calculation, guessing, strategic and positional principles and many more approaches.

Chess is a game of decisions. Let’s imagine that you’re playing an important game in a chess tournament and you’ve reached a winning, but complicated position with a little time left on the clock.

Let’s say you’ve got four promising chess moves at your disposal which all seem to be good at first glance. On closer inspection, however, it turns out that only one move is winning. In such a situation, you need to quickly decide, to play the right move in order to win the game.

If you play another move which seems to be equally strong, but actually loses the game due to some move order nuances, it won’t help you after the end of the game to claim that you considered playing the correct chess move.

By following the guidelines laid out in this video, however, you’ll find yourself making better moves in your games.

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