Chess Master vs AI Leela Chess Zero ID 102

In the first video where I played against AI Leela Chess Zero (LCZero), I played in Normal Mode ID 82, where Leela Chess Zero had played roughly 2.2 Million self-play games. Now, after some 800,000 self-play games later, I play Leela Chess Zero two more games at ID 102. This time around I try my luck in Normal Mode, so I could get a better sense of how Leela Chess Zero has evolved, and then I try a game in Hard Mode. Thanks to those who are contributing their CPU/GPU to this open-source project, Leela Chess Zero has been adjusted to spend more time on self-play games, resulting in higher quality training. Leela Chess Zero, equipped with its deep neural networks, and general reinforcement learning algorithm, keeps me intrigued. At what point (# of self-play games) do you think Leela Chess Zero may surpass the strength of AlphaZero?

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