Today in Chess | Zugdidi vs. Saint Louis

Eight scholastic players from the Saint Louis Chess Club play students from the Zugdidi Chess School in the country of Georgia in a friendly one-round rapid match on Join Mike Kummer & Ben Simon for the move-by-move.

Iris Zhou (STL 1857) vs. Tsotne Kvartskhava (ZUG 1977)
Giorgi Sartania (ZUG 1967) vs. Asish Panda (STL 1827-US)
Aaron Lin (STL 1626) vs. Alika Karaia (ZUG 1867)
Ekaterine Bechvaia (ZUG 1768) vs. Alex Zhang (STL 1327-US)
Ayden Huang (STL 1326-US) vs. Mikheil Sichinava (ZUG 1862)
Nika Kobalia (ZUG 1737) vs. Celina Zhou (STL 1420)
Newman Shen (STL 1197-US) vs. Nia Shonia (ZUG 1620)
Megi Tsobekhia (ZUG 1352) vs. Aaradhya Panda (STL 1002-US)
(Universal Ratings, then USCF Ratings listed)


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