Chess Tournaments – 🏆 Winning The Last Round with GM Naiditsch

GM Naiditsch reveals the nuances of the middlegame, unveiling the positional and strategic ideas you can employ in your games. Turn those tense close games into victories with this course! ►

Chess Tournaments – Winning The Last Round

Playing the last round in a chess tournament is always special. Sometimes the result of the last round decides if you win a prize or if you go home empty-handed. There is a huge difference between playing the decisive last round and playing a round in the middle of the tournament. In the last round, many people get nervous. Some players play badly regularly in these situations, others stand out positively in decisive games. Moreover, plenty of draws are usually agreed to in the last round as players are afraid to lose and don’t dare to risk too much.

GM Arkadij Naiditsch, however, explains that it is essential to learn to handle these situations containing a lot of stress. In order to improve your overall results, you need to be able to perform well in decisive situations. Many of the best chess players in the world like Magnus Carlsen or Hikaru Nakamura deal with these situations excellently.

In the following video, he takes a look at one of his own games which he played in the last round of the Baku President’s Cup against Nigel Short. GM Naiditsch had to win this game at all costs in order to win a prize in the tournament.

Let’s take a look at how Naiditsch dealt with such a stressful situation.

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