King’s Indian Attack – An Introduction [Part 1/3] by GM Damian Lemos

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King’s Indian Attack – An Introduction

Do you have the time to study countless hours (per day!) to get your complete opening repertoire? No matter if you play 1.d4 or 1.e4, Black has many good options to choose…

GM Damian Lemos comes to the rescue with a new series of FREE instructional videos! Get a complete and coherent repertoire, with the White and the Black pieces, with this new video series!

In the first part, Damian will teach you a powerful system with the white pieces: the King’s Indian Attack. The KIA is a great opening choice, for various reasons:

It had the seal of approval of one of the greatest chess players in history: Bobby Fischer.
It can be played against any Black first move.
It fits incredible well with Damian’s opening choices with Black (you will have to wait to know them…)
All-in-all, a great system to improve, expand or renew your opening repertoire!

In this first video, Damian explains you the main ideas of the King’s Indian Attack and how to get advantage of some typical mistakes Black usually makes.

The King’s Indian Attack 1For example, in this position it’s White to play. What would you do?

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