How to Spot Tactical 📃 Motifs with IM Anna Rudolf [Master Method]

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How to Spot Tactical Motifs with IM Anna Rudolf

Pin, double attack, skewer, deflection – known tactical motifs that you surely has trained a lot with puzzles books or apps. But… you still miss them in your own games, don’t you?

It happens to all of us. You go back to home after an exhausting game, switch on your chess engine, and it quickly discovers that you have an easy combination to win a piece. “How on earth can I miss this combination, if I’ve solved a lot of more difficult puzzles!?”

The problem is that during a game nobody says to you “you can win in this position”. But, IM Anna Rudolf has a secret to tell you. The position tells you when there is a winning combination. You just need to listen it!

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How to read the position? Look for this 3 important factors:

King (the king is always a weak piece, and it leads to tons of tactical ideas)
Loose pieces (the most common tactical motif in every game)
Unfortunately placed pieces
How to Spot Tactical Motifs with IM Anna RudolfTry to identify these factor in the next diagram (Black to play):

White has one problem with his king. The long light-squared diagonal is a problem for White. If the queen can cooperate with the Bb7 in the attack…

That’s one of the reason why 1…Rxc3! is such a strong move. After 2.Qxc3 Qxd5, Black is threatening mate on h1 and on g2! But, there is another important point in Black’s combination. After the exchange sacrifice, the Bb5 is hanging!

So, even if White prevents mate (with 3.f3) he loses material after 3…Qxb5.

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