Bobby Fischer vs Oscar Panno: King’s Indian Attack | 1970

Bobby Fischer, about 2 years shy of becoming World Chess Champion, had a dominating performance at the Buenos Aires Tournament of 1970. Fischer’s round 8 game against Argentina’s Oscar Panno reminded me of one of Fischer’s quotes: “Tactics flow from a superior position.” Play follows in typical King’s Indian Attack fashion with white playing on the kingside, and black playing on the queenside. An open file or two on the queenside often denotes progress for the 2nd player. This game acts as a nice example of how one can still pursue a kingside attack despite an open line on the queenside. Fischer plays simply, logically, and his pieces just seem to fall on wonderful squares. Then, when Fischer’s pieces amass in proximity to the black king, Panno gets hit with a bolt from the blue!

1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 e6 3. d3 Nc6 4. g3 g6 5. Bg2 Bg7 6. O-O Nge7
7. Re1 d6 8. c3 O-O 9. d4 cxd4 10. cxd4 d5 11. e5 Bd7 12. Nc3
Rc8 13. Bf4 Na5 14. Rc1 b5 15. b3 b4 16. Ne2 Bb5 17. Qd2 Nac6
18. g4 a5 19. Ng3 Qb6 20. h4 Nb8 21. Bh6 Nd7 22. Qg5 Rxc1
23. Rxc1 Bxh6 24. Qxh6 Rc8 25. Rxc8+ Nxc8 26. h5 Qd8 27. Ng5
Nf8 28. Be4 Qe7 29. Nxh7 Nxh7 30. hxg6 fxg6 31. Bxg6 Ng5
32. Nh5 Nf3+ 33. Kg2 Nh4+ 34. Kg3 Nxg6 35. Nf6+ Kf7 36. Qh7+

Internet Chess Club (ICC)
Software: Blitzin

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