The Only Man Kasparov Ever Feared – This is Ivanchuk’s Immortal

#agadmator The 9th Annual Linares Super Tournament held from February 22nd to March 15th, 1991 was a category XVII event. Fourteen of the world’s top players, including the World Champion, competed in a round robin format that was the strongest tournament in the world at that time. The participants were (in order of ELO): Garry Kasparov (2800), Anatoli Karpov (2725), Boris Gelfand (2700), Vassily Ivanchuk (2695), Mikhail Gurevich (2650), Jaan Ehlvest (2650), Valery Salov (2645), Alexander Beliavsky (2640), Gata Kamsky (2640), Vishwanathan Anand (2635), Jan Timman (2630), Jonathan Speelman (2610), Artur Yusupov (2605), and Ljubomir Ljubojevic (2595). It was a second phenomenal victory for Ivanchuk who finished clear first with an impressive 9.5/13, even winning his head to head match with second place and world champion, Kasparov.

Vassily Ivanchuk vs Garry Kasparov
Chess Boxing” (game of the day Mar-23-2010)
Linares 9th (1991), Linares ESP, rd 1, Feb-23
Sicilian Defense: Canal Attack (B51)

1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. Bb5 Nd7 4. d4 Nf6 5. O-O cd4 6. Qd4 a6 7. Bd7 Bd7 8. Bg5 h6 9. Bf6 gf6 10. c4 e6 11. Nc3 Rc8 12. Kh1 h5 13. a4 h4 14. h3 Be7 15. b4 a5 16. b5 Qc7 17. Nd2 Qc5 18. Qd3 Rg8 19. Rae1 Qg5 20. Rg1 Qf4 21. Ref1 b6 22. Ne2 Qh6 23. c5 Rc5 24. Nc4 Kf8 25. Nb6 Be8 26. f4 f5 27. ef5 Rf5 28. Rc1 Kg7 29. g4 Rc5 30. Rc5 dc5 31. Nc8 Bf8 32. Qd8 Qg6 33. f5 Qh6 34. g5 Qh5 35. Rg4 ef5 36. Nf4 Qh8 37. Qf6 Kh7 38. Rh4

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