Every World Champion’s Worst Nightmare – Carlsen faces Ivanchuk!

#agadmator Epic Video of Ivanchuk Checkmating Carlsen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtcjx0EDz3M

Magnus Carlsen vs Vassily Ivanchuk
World Blitz Championship (2015), Berlin GER, rd 20, Oct-14
Trompowsky Attack: General (A45)

1. d4 Nf6 2. Bg5 c5 3. Bf6 gf6 4. d5 Qb6 5. Qc1 f5 6. c4 d6 7. Nc3 Nd7 8. g3 Bg7 9. Nf3 Nf6 10. Nd2 Ne4 11. Nde4 fe4 12. Bg2 Qb4 13. O-O Qc4 14. Be4 h5 15. h4 Bg4 16. Re1 O-O-O 17. Rb1 Kb8 18. Bg2 Rhg8 19. Qe3 Bf6 20. Ne4 Bd4 21. Qd2 Qa2 22. Qf4 Rgf8 23. b4 Be5 24. Qe3 c4 25. Nc3 Qa6 26. Qd2 Rc8 27. e3 Bf5 28. Ra1 Qb6 29. Ra4 Bd3 30. Rea1 a6 31. Bf3 Rg8 32. Kg2 f5 33. Bh5 Rcf8 34. b5 f4 35. ef4 Bf4 36. Qe1 Bg3 37. fg3 Rf1 38. Qd2 Qg1

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