Powerful Chess Calculation 👊Techniques by GM Nadya Kosintseva!! [Master Method]

Imagine how much better your results will be after absorbing 16 hours of Russian chess secrets! Nadya Kosintseva gives you the complete training in “Killer Chess Skills – The Kosintseva Method”. Get instant digital access – with 35% off! ► https://ichs.co/2zLfcuA

The Powerful Calculation Method of Russian GMs!

Most amateur games are won (or lost) because of blunders or mistakes in calculation. That’s a fact we’re probably all familiar with.

And improving your calculation ability is probably the fastest way to dramatically improve your results.

But how should we go about it? Solving puzzles may keep us sharp but is there a secret to calculating long variations quickly AND accurately?

In her brand new “Killer Chess Skills (Kosintseva Method)”, former Russian champion GM Nadya Kosintseva brings you 15 hours of training on the most critical skills in chess, transforming you from club player to chess machine.

And, in this free chapter, you will learn the method grandmasters use to calculate efficiently, that is: analyzing the position as quickly as possible without making mistakes. And more than just a theory to admire, this is something Nadya Kosintseva shows you how to implement in your own games so it becomes second nature.

But before you can do something well fast, you must learn how to do it well slowly. Nadya Kosintseva gives us a fairly normal looking position and explains how to analyze it deeply, uncovering many of the hidden nuances and unexpected twists that chess holds.

At each step, Nadya Kosintseva drills in the thought process we need to get better at chess calculation. Have we found all the candidate moves? Do we need to analyze any further? Has our opponent got any counter-threats? Do we know what the material balance is 6 moves into the combination? Are any of our pieces now unprotected?

Not only do these questions act as a “good move checklist”, they also make your chess more dynamic as looking for (and playing) forcing moves first is a major part of the process!

Start applying the Kosintseva Method to your chess and reap the rewards that come from blunder-free play and ruthless execution!

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