Chigorin teaches 🤓 you the Chigorin with GM Damián Lemos [Lemos Deep Dive]


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Chigorin teaches you the Chigorin with GM Damián Lemos

When playing with the Black pieces against 1.d4, you really have just two options…

Option #1 is to defend patiently against the python-like squeezing of a positional maestro.

Option #2 is to think dynamically, take your sword in your hand – and do battle immediately!

Don’t defend unless you must!

I’m not suggesting a crazy gambit with lots of tricks – that against accurate play is simply a bad defense.

No. Wouldn’t you prefer a slightly offbeat opening, that’s dynamic, but also positionally sound – and backed by top players?

GM Damian Lemos has revived this ancient opening, modernized it, and created high-level 8 hours training course – giving you an opening that’ll humiliate every 1.d4 player who dares to challenge you.

1.d4 d5 2.c4 Nc6! is the forgotten Chigorin Defense, which has all the requirements of modern play to fight for the initiative from the very first moves, with Black!

In this FREE preview of the brand new course Deep Dive 5: The Chigorin Defense, GM Lemos examines a classic game of the great Mikhail Chigorin, the former Russian champion that played many World Championship Matches more than 100 years ago!

In this game, he simply annihilated the strong player Richard Teichmann.

With energetic and precise play, he get an attack on the kingside, which forced White to castle queenside, arriving the next diagram:

Here, Chigorin started a strong sequence of moves that gave him a killing attack. Can you discover the next two strong moves?

Black to play

With 14…Bxc3! 15.bxc3 b5! Black is ready to open the queenside, and win! If you want to see how the game finished, you only need to watch the free preview.

If you think you are the type of player that can benefit from an active, original defense, that surely will surprise your opponents, you must get Deep Dive 5: The Chigorin Defense clicking here.

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