Kamsky, Fischer, and the PRO Chess League | Games to Know by Heart – GM Denes Boros

Grandmaster Denes Boros shows two brilliancies from Gata Kamsky and Bobby Fischer. Plus, see puzzles based on games from the online PRO Chess League.

(Puzzle based on) Roberto N De Abreu vs. Jon Ludvig Hammer, 2017
(Puzzle based on) Alexander Fishbein vs. Robert L Hess, 2017
Angel Arribas Lopez vs. Yannick Kambrath, 2017
(Puzzle based on) Rinat Jumabayev vs. Anton Yatzenko, 2017
Gata Kamsky vs Raven Sturt, 99th Edward Lasker Mem (2015): C91 Ruy Lopez, closed, Bogolyubov variation
Robert James Fischer vs Ojars Celle, Fischer Simul Exhibition Tour (1964): C51 Evans gambit, 5…Be7

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