Checkmate via En passant

During one of the livestreams at a viewer proposed I try to give checkmate via En passant to the computer. So we had just a little fun one day with this challenge, attempting to do such against Stockfish Level 1 with time controls 5|2. When I challenged Stockfish Level 1, I mistakenly challenged it to a game where the side with black was without a queen knight. Whoops! Fun fact: I only realized this error when I was editing for this very video. πŸ™‚ En passant is a special move in chess, one that far too many players do not know about. Maybe with the help of this video more players will learn about this unique pawn capture. In my experience, those unaware of the En passant rule can be found not only baffled when it is observed during a game for the first time, but sometimes also accusatory of an opponent that he/she has cheated!! πŸ™‚

Get educated about En passant here:

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