Kasparov – Sunye Neto: A Fantastic Attacking Game! – IM Lawrence Trent CHESS24

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In 1981 Garry Kasparov was just 18. It would be 3 years before he contested his first World Championship match with Anatoly Karpov.

However, he was already a force to be reckoned with. His rating of 2650 seems modest compared to what was to come but put him in the world elite. He was quickly gaining a reputation as an unforgiving, unrelenting player, hell-bent on winning every game.

No chess player’s education can be called complete without a study of Kasparov’s games and IM Lawrence Trent has put together a superb collection of the most instructive in this course.

In this free preview, Lawrence chooses a fantastic attacking game from 1981. We join the game on move 32 where White, the 6-time Brazilian champion Sunye Neto, has a slight advantage with play against Kasparov’s isolated Queen’s pawn.

Garry Kasparov is no mood for a passive positional defense, however. With incredible efficiency he transforms the nature of the game with a rapid redeployment of his forces. A backwards Knight move hides the formidable menace about to be unleashed. Not only does the move avoid simplifying exchanges, it is the first step to rerouting the piece to an aggressive outpost on f5.

Next the Rook is brought to bear down the g-file, pointing directly at the White King. It soon becomes clear that Black’s pieces are going to be able to switch to the Kingside quicker than their counterparts. Sensing danger, Sunye Neto comes up with a clever move to exchange his 2 Rooks for Garry Kasparov’s Queen, seemingly reducing the threats. However, this is where the fun starts!

Get ready for a masterclass in attacking chess featuring piece coordination, sacrifices, the opening of lines and one of Kasparov’s trademark motifs, the pawn as a key attacking unit.

Enjoy the video and remember to check out the complete course here.


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