Spassky’s Most Famous Chess Game Ever! – IM Trent CHESS24

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It’s a crime that some people only know Boris Spassky as the man Bobby Fischer beat to become World Champion.

One of the strongest players of the 1960s and 70s, Boris Spassky competed in a golden era for Soviet Chess. His generation included Tal, Petrosian, Korchnoi, Stein and the older Botvinnik and Keres.

Considered a universal player, Boris was as comfortable playing a strategic closed game as he was a chaotic tactical melee. He played 3 matches for the World Championship: unsuccessfully challenging Tigran Petrosian in 1966, returning and triumphing in 1969 before taking on Bobby in 1972.

His games are rich with instructive content and he had a great effect on IM Lawrence Trent, who picked out his favorite games in a superb course.

In this free preview, Lawrence picks out one of the most famous chess games of all time, a brilliancy against the Danish GM Bent Larsen. Not only is the game famous as a whole, it features one of the most celebrated moves ever played too!

This game was part of a match which took place in 1970 between the USSR and the Rest of the World. There was a dispute as to who should play board 1 for the RoW team: Fischer or Larsen. The Dane declared it should be him. After all, Bobby had hardly played over the last couple of years while Bent Larsen had been winning tournaments. Many were stunned when the American agreed to play board 2 – he was not known for succumbing to other’s wishes. One theory was that Bobby was deliberately avoiding Spassky. Not through fear, but rather to keep his increased strength a mystery to the Russian who he, correctly, expected to play for the title.

Larsen only lost 1 of his 4 games: this one. Not only did Boris Spassky win, he did it in 17 moves with the Black pieces and with some of the most spectacular attacking play you could wish to see!

Enjoy the video and remember to check out the complete course here.


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