Nine Crazy Miniatures – Beyond the Basics

Jonathan Schrantz has been given a list of “50 Great Games.” He chooses miniatures at random to show on the board for the beginners. Enjoy these traps and unbelievable combinations!

Bartsch vs Jennen, Germany – (1948): D00 Blackmar gambit
Frank Melville Teed vs Eugene Delmar, New York (1896): A80 Dutch, 2.Bg5 variation
V M Manko vs Jankowitz, corr (1900): C20 Alapin’s opening
Kermur Sire De Legal vs Saint Brie, Paris (1750): C41 Philidor’s defence
Fred Montelle Wren vs W E Mayfield, Halifax (1941): B02 Alekhine’s defence
Walther von Holzhausen vs Siegbert Tarrasch, Frankfurt 25 board simul (1912): C41 Philidor’s defence
John Odin Howard Taylor vs NN, London – (1862): C27 Boden-Kieseritsky gambit
NN vs Hans Bruening, Berlin (1907): D32 Queen’s Gambit Declined, Tarrasch defence
Emmanuel Schiffers vs Janny, Budapest HUN (1898): C44 Inverted Hungarian

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