The 2016 Gateway Action Tournament – Beginner Breakdown

Mike Kummer looks at games from the local scholastic circuit, specifically a quick-rated event at Saint Louis University. Kummer sold chess equipment in the lobby and got some games in himself.

Martin Zhongxu He vs. Tanay Chandak, 2016: D02 Queen’s pawn game, Krause variation
Aristuto Paul vs. Theodore Saigh, 2016: A46 Queen’s pawn game
Aristuto Paul as white, 2016: B00 KP, Nimzovich defence, Bogolyubov variation
Jonathan D Lake vs. Jonathan R Gollapudi, 2016
Mike Kummer as black, 2016: B20 Sicilian defence
Chloe K Ong vs. Kummer, 2016: A43 Old Benoni defence


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