Learn How to ATTACK Like a GM And DEVASTATE Your Opponent! – GM Damian Lemos (EMPIRE CHESS)

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What is the difference between how a club player attacks and how a master attacks? Ultimately, it boils down to knowledge of a large number of tactical patterns and knowledge of the “art of attack”, which includes methods like creating weaknesses to target and making sure enough pieces can join in the attack.

Learn to do these things well and you will find yourself overwhelming your opponents time and again.

The best way to pick up these techniques is by seeing them in action and this is the basis of “Master Attacks” a 2 hour DVD presented by GM Lemos.

The 5 deeply analyzed and explained games will teach you:

how to guarantee your attack will be successful
how to stop your opponent’s counterplay
winning combinations that will destroy and defensive set-up
In this free preview, GM Gennadi Kuzmin takes on Sveshnikov (famous for the Sicilian Sveshnikov variation ) in a Sicilian Paulsen (2…e6). The opening is a fierce fight for the advantage but, with clever moves, White manages to keep the initiative, gaining space and forming the Maroczy Bind.

Suddenly a pawn sacrifice opens up lines and then White seems to switch his attention to the Queenside – but it is just a cunning distraction. The fireworks that follow are both spectacular entertainment and very instructive – this is a pattern that you will be able to use to win your own games!

Enjoy this video and check out the DVD.

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