Win as Black Against 1.d4 With the King’s Indian Defense – IM Christian Ritcher (EMPIRE CHESS)

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The Kings Indian Defense (KID) has long been the choice of players looking to win as Black against 1.d4 and was the weapon of choice of players like Fischer and Kasparov with Nakamura and Radjabov being modern day exponents.

At first glance, the Kings Indian doesn’t look so dangerous. White establishes a big pawn center on c4, d4 and e4 whilst Black only plays his d-pawn forward one square. Then Black castles behind a fianchettoed bishop and often blocks the long diagonal. With his Queenside pieces left at home for a while, where is Black’s threat?

As it happens, Black’s pieces are well placed for a Kingside attack after the …f5 break. The rook on f8 supports the pawn and can come to the h-file via f6. The light squared bishop has great range from its starting square and Black intends to use his pawns to open up White’s King position.

The Kings Indian Defense is great fun to play, with Black often sacrificing a ton of material to corner and checkmate the opposing King.

In this video, a preview of his 7 hour course “The Club Player’s Guide to the King’s Indian Defense”, IM Christian Richter introduces the key ideas of the Classical KID, detailing the plans and various formations for both sides.

Understanding the principles of these type of positions is essential for finding the right moves later on and passive play by either side is quickly punished in this opening.

So if you wish to play the Kings Indian Defense successfully and win some spectacular games then watch this great explanation from IM Richter and remember to check out the full course

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