Fight Against 1.d4 With The King’s Indian Defense – IM Jorge Ferreira (EMPIRE CHESS)

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If you’re the type of player who believes in playing to win with Black as well as White then you need a fighting repertoire. Against 1.d4 there is no better weapon than the King’s Indian Defense. Favored by such greats as Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov, this opening leads to fantastic attacking positions, often resulting in spectacular sacrifices to checkmate the White King.

However, the King’s Indian requires some special understanding. After all, White is allowed to build a big pawn center and Black must know how to use his pawns to effectively attack it. Piece maneuvers are very important too. There is some essential knowledge to playing the King’s Indian well.

IM Jorge Ferreira reveals exactly how to play this fascinating opening in “Dominating 1.d4 with the Kings Indian Defense”, a 4 hour study of Black’s best responses, positional and tactical themes in 14 different variations.

In this free preview, Jorge shows how to tackle one of White’s most popular choices, the Saemisch variation. This is characterized by the move 5.f3 supporting e4 and stopping a Black Knight coming to g4.

IM Ferreira’s recommendation is to gain space on the Queenside and begin attacking White’s center with the moves …c6, …a6 and …b5. As will be seen, this setup can make life very uncomfortable for White very quickly. Black’s pieces increasingly gain freedom and soon find strong squares from where they can dominate their opponents.

If you want to be able to face 1.d4 with confidence of achieving the win then watch this video and remember to check out the full course here.

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