Dominate The Philidor Defense Like a GM! – GM Roman

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Complete your understanding of all openings with this video!

In the video “Encyclopedia of Chess Openings Vol 4” by GM Roman Dzindzichashvili, we see the final video of the series that explains all of the relevant openings in chess.

After watching this video series, you can expect to have no trouble against any of the main openings and you will have a good position even if you do not know all of the small details. This video series is sure to make you a better player.

In the fourth volume, Roman begins by talking about the Petroff Defense, an opening that he feels is not very good. He always backs up his statements with explanations and describes how White and Black can play effectively against any opening line they happen to come across. By following his advice, you will emerge from any opening with a strong position. What moves and lines are suggested by Roman?

How does he explain the reasons and plans behind each move and variation? Watch the video to find out!

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