Blast Open The Position With d4! – GM Summerscale

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In the video “d4 Dynamite” by GM Aaron Summerscale, we take a look at a few different variations for White that are primarily focused on directly attacking Black’s king from the opening of the game.

Aaron examines a few different opening possibilities for White to play that are highly aggressive, but also have a solid basis on good principles surrounding the center of the board.

The first opening variation for White that is described is the Colle Zukertort. This attacking-oriented opening involves entrenching a knight on the e5 square and lining White’s bishops up towards Black’s kingside. Many games have been won quickly by White in this variation.

What moves does White play in order to achieve the best positions? How can Black try to defend but still find himself in tricky situations? What tactical traps does Black have to watch out for? Watch the video to find out!

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