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In the 76th volume of the Empire Chess series, Grandmaster Damian Lemos masterfully teaches you the guide to how GMs plan the transition from the opening to the middlegame. The choice of opening determines which middlegame plans will be developed. He does this by extensively discussing strong Grandmaster games. If you want to learn how GMs link the opening to the middlegame, you should watch these videos.

In the preview video you will see the game between strong GMs Milov and Sutovsky in which the middlegame had been planned right from the opening. Black embarked on a piece sacrifice that seemed very promising with the strike Nxe4! and then won the rook on h1 resulting in an advantage.

All of the game’s strategy revolves around the Black queen remaining locked on h1; White attempts to capture her and Black tries to free her. Black’s problem is more so their error in development on the queenside. White combined the threat of capturing the queen with the attack on the king that caused Black to stop defending themselves poorly. Finally White’s strategy came into fruition with the capture of the Black queen as shown in the diagram with Rh1. Black obtained two rooks in the exchange but the weakness of their king and lack of development decided the game in White’s favor. An exciting game from the opening with a very defined battle for both sides.

Learn everything about the middlegame transition with GM Damian Lemos

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