Blitz Bounty: Mike Kummer vs. Gurucharan Sundaram – 2015.05.21

Mike Kummer plays a competitive and educational six-game blitz match against Gurucharan Sundaram. If Sundaram wins a game, Kummer forks over $100 and a lottery ticket. Learn about en passant, when illegal moves end a game, and calling someone’s expired clock.

Kummer as white: A40 Queen’s pawn, Lundin (Kevitz-Mikenas) defence
Sundaram as white: B23 Sicilian, closed, 2…Nc6
Kummer as white: B01 Scandinavian (centre counter) defence
Sundaram as white: A43 Old Benoni defence
Kummer as white: C50 King’s pawn game
Sundaram as white: B20 Sicilian defence


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