RCA Game festival – top-3 chess games

In this video, you’ll see the games of the top-3 winners of the recent RCA Game Festival.

RCA Game Festival: http://chess-teacher.com/rca-game-festival/
RCA Game Festival: All Games – http://chess-teacher.com/rca-game-festival-stage-2/

You can see the games mentioned in the video – games of the winners, below:

* RCA Game Festival: Radja’s game: http://chess-teacher.com/rca-game-festival-radja/

* RCA Game Festival: Bello J’s game: http://chess-teacher.com/rca-game-festival-bello-j/

* RCA Game Festival: Aseem’s game: http://chess-teacher.com/rca-game-festival-aseem/


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