This Gambit? A Surprise Weapon Against Unprepared Players! (EMPIRE CHESS)

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GM Sam Shankland, one of the best players in the United States, teaches us how to play the Schliemann Gambit. With his deep chess understanding and vast knowledge of this gambit, he creates a repertoire that can help the player deal with all the important lines of this opening, which has been played by great masters like Polgar, Nimzowitsch and even Karpov.

In this exclusive preview brought to you by iChess.NET, GM Sam Shankland thoroughly analyses the sidelines of the Schliemann Gambit. Shankland shows the power of this opening and how black can obtain really active and powerful positions even in the most critical lines. The Schliemann gambit is a necessary addition to the repertoire of any player, since it is dynamic and gives black excellent counter play.

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