The Closed Sicilian for White: Basic Principles – IM Attila Turzo

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Try closing the door on dangerous Sicilian theory.

Taken from the ChessLecture series, Attila examines a Closed Sicilian for White and explains to beginners the ideas behind each move. The attacking methods of White such as Be3 and Qd2 intending Bh6 are highlighted and likewise Black’s methods of counter-play such as e6 and d5 or Rb8 and b5.

Attila mentions that a knight on f6 is a great defender but if Black places it elsewhere then White will have opportunities to attack the black king should it castle on the king-side. The importance in defense and attack of the h3 move is discussed, before going into a deeper examination of the middle game. Attila also gives some nice attacking ideas based around an early h4 attacking the black king.

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