The King’s Gambit Accepted Busted? (EMPIRE CHESS)

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Crushing Black with the King’s Gambit

Crushing Black with the King’s Gambit is the most direct way to attempt to acquire the advantage versus 1…e5 players. GM Lemos promotes the virtues of the most attacking 3rd move namely 3.Bc4 and puts forward a strong argument that is the best 3rd move available in The King’s Gambit Accepted. Lemos promotes 3.Bc4 for White allowing Qh4+ and the importance of stopping Black’s …d5 move.

GM Lemos then looks at dealing with …Qh4+ aggressive attacks and Whites’ compensation for moving the King to f1. There is emphasis on playing in The Spirit of The King’s Gambit – ‘Use the Initiative as much as possible – even with the Queens off the board’.

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