The Sicilian Squeeze! – GM Damian Lemos (EMPIRE CHESS)

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The Sicilian squeeze!

This DVD (part 2 of 2) covers Bb5 Systems against The Sicilian Defense with an emphasis on the core White strategies involving immediate and sometimes unprovoked Bxc6! Lemos shows the following analysis and concepts;

Part 1: 2…d6 3.Bb5+

– A look at 3…Nd7 4.a4! The position is still good for White without a4 as White can still do his traditional plan of Qe1-h4.
– 3…Nd7 4.a4! N(g)f6 5.d3 e6 6.f4 Be7 with 7.Nf3 and a nice King side attack.
– If instead of above 5…g6 White’s standard Qe1-h4 is available.
– Important concept “Don’t be active in the center when development is lagging”
– The White a5 move hitting the Black Knight exploits Black’s lagging development.
– The Ne4 – d6 plan simply gives White and advantage so playing e5 is often good for White.
– Queen side play and the Qe1 plan are often available when the position is closed.
– The a4-a5 plan is very useful!
– Play N-g5 to create more weakness ready for the final attack.
– The securing tactic Be1! Intending f5 and trading Queens but white still has many threats.

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