The annoying Bb5 against Sicilian Setups! – GM Damian Lemos (EMPIRE CHESS)

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This DVD (part 1 of 2) covers Bb5 Systems against The Sicilian Defense with an emphasis on the core White strategies involving immediate and sometimes unprovoked Bxc6! Lemos presents the following findings;

1. Overview of all Bb5 Systems versus the Sicilian
2. When to play Bxc6 and against which Systems
3. Tiviakov vs Salem is analyzed 3…d6 4. Bxc6 (unprovoked)
4. The maneuver Qe1 / Qh4 / f5 / Bh6
5. Qe1 protects c3 Knight
6. The Bad Endgame for Black (e5!)

This DVD is great for beginners to advanced players.

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