The Nimzo-Indian Refuted? – GM Timur Gareev (EMPIRE CHESS)

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The 4.Qc2 Nimzo-Indian. Timur explains that there is no reason to allow a Queen’s Indian because Black will struggle against this White response and that the Black Nimzo-Indian is harmless as the 4.Qc2 move is favored by both Kasparov and Carlsen with excellent results. Timur then examines Aronian-Karpov and makes the following findings;

– Queen’s Indian sidelines and the Ragozin considered if 3.Nf3 is played
– 3.Nc3 limits Black Choices.
– Good White N(g)e2 System against 3…d5 4.cxd5.
– 4.Qc2 System (Kasparov’s Choice)
– Black’s choices v 4.Qc2; 4…c5 don’t play 5.e3.
– Explanation of Qc2 Advantages (covers c3).
– 7.a3 Main Line against 5…Bxc5 6.Nf3 0-0.
– How White should play against Hedgehog Opening.
– Don’t trade Bishops to relieve Black’s cramp.
– Preventing Knight activity with Bishop positional control.

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