Magnus Carlsen vs Hikaru Nakamura – 2nd Sinquefield Cup 2014

This is the 7th round game between the world’s #1 chess player and current world chess champion, Magnus Carlsen, and the USA’s #1 ranked player, Hikaru Nakamura, from the 2nd Sinquefield Cup chess tournament of 2014. Nakamura replies with the Slav Defense in reply to Carlsen’s d4. Move 3…dxc4 sets the stage for a messy opening where accuracy is critical, and only a single slip being fatal. Can Hikaru Nakamura finally score his first win against Magnus Carlsen in classical time controls? The tournament was held in the United States – Saint Louis, Missouri at the Saint Louis Chess Club & Scholastic Center (Home of the World Chess Hall of Fame). This tournament’s 6 competitors (Magnus Carlsen, Levon Aronian, Fabiano Caruana, Hikaru Nakamura, Veselin Topalov and Maxime Vachier-Lagrave) have an average rating of nearly 2802, making it the strongest tournament in chess history.


Internet Chess Club (ICC)

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