The Slav: One of the most respected openings available for Black!

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James explains The Slav is one of the most respected openings available for Black and he shows us multiple setups for Black before getting to his chosen Slav variation the …a6 Slav when he gives a nice clear overview of:

5. e3 b5 with Queen Side play
5. g3 dxc4 Catalan style
5. c5 Bf5 6. Qb3 Ra7! Weird but good
5. cxd5 cxd5 When…a6 is useful
5. Ne5 N(b)d7 Solid and good

James then goes in to detail of 5.e3 b5 in Oll versus Anand and we see Black attempting to neutralize White’s ‘Bishop Pair’ through superior piece development. The …a6 Slav is solid and offers winning chances for Black.

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