Stockfish vs Hikaru Nakamura + Rybka – Game 2 of 4

This is game 2 of 4 between Stockfish (white) and Hikaru Nakamura (black) with the caveat that Nakamura was allowed to consult with an older version of the chess engine Rybka throughout the game. Stockfish played without an openings book and endgame tablebase. It was the latest development build for Stockfish compiled for OS X and was running on a 3Ghz 8-core Mac Pro. Time controls were set at 45 minutes each with a 30 second increment per move. The times for each side in the video give an approximate indication of how long each move took. All 4 games were played on August 23rd, 2014, and it took approximately 11 hours to complete.


Internet Chess Club (ICC)

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