Richárd Rapport vs Alexander Onischuk – 41st Chess Olympiad 2014 – Round 8

This is the round 8 game between the youngest ever Hungarian chess Grandmaster, Richárd Rapport of Hungary, and the 3rd ranked U.S. player and 2006 U.S. Chess Champion Alexander Onischuk of the United States. It was played at the 41st Chess Olympiad Open 2014 which is held in Tromsø, Norway. Rapport’s b3 (Nimzovich-Larsen Attack) to start is quite uncommon at top level classical play, though quite common for Rapport, whose style is certainly unorthodox. The early phase of the game revolves around the e5 square, and an unbalanced pawn structure quickly ensues with Onischuk having the more structurally secure king position, and Rapport having piece activity.


Internet Chess Club (ICC)

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