Komodo TCEC wins a very technical rook and pawn endgame (music)

This is a game played between two chess engines, namely Komodo TCEC (Thoresen Chess Engines Competition) and Rybka 4. The opening played between these two chess programs was the Queen’s Indian defense with 4.g3 Bb7. It was played with standard time controls 15 minutes with a 1 second increment. The clock times change during the video, and give the viewer an indication of the time spent on each move. As is often the case with chess computers, there is an interesting resource Komodo TCEC would have if Rybka 4, instead of 17….g5, had played Na6. What would come is 18. Ne3 g5 and the bishop is trapped. However, after 19, c5 the position would explode, releasing the queen and picking up at least a couple key central pawns. When the middlegame smoke clears, a unique endgame arises with all major pieces and all 16 pawns. Once stripped to one rook per side, we see illustrated quite nicely how the combined power of a connected passed pawn only two squares from promotion and a very active rook, ultimately lead the opposition’s king and rook to passivity.

Chess engine Komodo TCEC and specifications:
2 Xeon quadcore processors, 3.2 ghz

Chess software Rybka 4 and specifications:
Intel Q6600 2 GIG DDR RAM

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Music: “The Complex” by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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