Grab the Initiative and become unstoppable with the Scotch Gambit!

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Turn unexpected moves in your favor!

New Lines & Novelties in the Scotch and f4 Sicilian – GM Roman Dzindzichashvili

Roman looks at unexpected variations to get a good position in the Scotch Gambit with 4.Bc4 rather than capturing The Pawn in the main Line Scotch with 4.Nxd4 is his featured game.

Roman explains White’s over arching Strategy and advises players to stay cool when presented with an unexpected variation and look for a way to punish it, and if possible, to stay on course ‘with your own strategy’. Roman clearly demonstrates ways to grab the Initiative and transform that into an Attack. The 2 samples presented will have players wanting to take The Scotch Gambit up and say goodbye to The Ruy Lopez!

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