The Hyper Accelerated Dragon 🔥🔥 Fire on the Board with GM Eugene Perelshteyn

Need a sharp chess opening for Black to put White under immediate pressure? Try the hyper-accelerated dragon! GM Eugene Perelshteyn explains the thought process behind key hyper-accelerated games from his career. Get instant access with 35% off. ►

The Hyper-Accelerated Dragon is an exciting chess opening for Black that begins with 1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 g6.

Black plays an early …g6, which basically says he is fine without the move …d6, which is seen in the traditional Sicilian Dragon setups. The king’s bishop is heading to g7, where it will fight for control of the long diagonal.

Why delay moving the d-pawn? Black wants a chance to play to …d5 in one move and save a tempo. It’s pretty flexible, however, as Black still retains the option of reverting back to traditional Dragon lines by playing …d6.

The main drawback is that having delayed Nf6, White can play c4 before Nc3, setting up a Maroczy bind. This can be dangerous for Black if they don’t know how to respond properly, as they can soon find themselves completely cramped.

In this video, GM Eugene Perelshteyn shows his Hyper-Accelerated Dragon setup against White’s 4.c3, an attempt to blunt the bishop. The position becomes totally equal provided Black knows the follow-up and a quick…Bg4 is high up on the agenda, shown to be good for Black in the game Shirov-Perelshteyn where we see how Black can even play for an advantage from the opening.

Eugene shows that Whites chronic isolated queen’s pawn is a bigger weakness than Black’s ineffective bishop pair. Eugene also shows that pawn islands are not as important as many people think as there are far more important factors to consider.

Sicilian Dragons are notoriously difficult and double-edged. They often lead to incredibly sharp positions where it is easy to go wrong and end up with a losing position. You need to be very prepared if you want to use them in your own games. For this reason, the hyper-accelerated dragon is recommended for intermediate to advanced players.

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