Houdini 4 beats Spike with the Sicilian Najdorf (music)

This is a game played between two chess engines, namely Spike 1.4 and Houdini 4 Pro 64-bit. The opening played between these two chess programs was the Sicilian Najdorf, English Attack. It was played with blitz time controls 3 minutes with a 1 second increment. The clock times change during the video, and give the viewer an indication of the time spent on each move. What I found of particular interest in this game was the queen check on h4 that provoked g3. Since white also castled kingside, the earlier h-pawn advance allowed yet another meaning. Initially h5 was played to “restrict” white’s kingside expansion with g4. However the g3 advance coupled with white’s kingside castle allows black a secondary and “aggressive” intention with an h4 strike. Can black do without castling if g3 is provoked and white opts for a kingside castled position?

Chess software Spike 1.4 and specifications:
Intel i7 @ 3.6 GHz,16 GB

Chess software Houdini 4 Pro 64-bit and specifications:
Intel Core i7-4960x Processor Extreme Edition (15M cache, up to 4.00GHz), and is slightly overclocked to approximately 4.1GHz. Computer used is insanely fast and has a passmark rating of 5,500+. 3, 4, 5 & 6 men syzygy endgame tablebases are being used.

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Music: “Satiate – only percussion” by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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